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Hollywood Japanese Cultural Institute


3929 Middlebury Street
Los Angeles, California 90004
(323) 664-2070





A printable list of information about Hollywood JCI activities and contact information is available. Click to download (PDF 41K)

Hollywood Gakuen (Japanese Language & Culture Education) - Saturdays - For Children, Teens and Adults!

Hollywood Judo Dojo - Tuesday/Friday Nights

Hollywood Karate Dojo - Tuesday/Friday Nights

Hollywood Karaoke Dokokai - 2nd & 4th Mondays

Warabi Kai (Yoga) - Wednesday Mornings/ Thursday Nights

Ondo (Dancing) - Saturday afternoons

Flower Arrangement

Hollywood Shorinji Kempo

Hollywood Dodgers Basketball


Although the Hollywood Japanese Cultural Institute was established as the Hollywood Japanese Community Center in 1947, many of its affiliated organizations were in existence prior to World War II.

The Isseis in the Hollywood community established the roots for the present Hollywood Japanese Cultural Institute. On April 2, 1915, the Hollywood Japanese School was established at Carter Court near the southwest corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street. Another group of parents from the Buddhist Church wanted to establish their own school; so, led by Mr.Yoshitaro Hirai, they raised funds and constructed a three-room school building. In March 1919, they moved to the new locaion at 1423 Cahuenga Blvd. near Sunset Blvd. The Hollywood Buddhist church also moved to this location and conducted Sunday School classes. In 1935, due to the traffic situation on Cahuenga Blvd. and the changing environment, the Board of Directors decided to move the school to the Virgil area, where there was a larger population of Japanese.

The newly purchased land on Middleburry Street was on a slope and was covered with many eucalyptus trees. Through the efforts of Mr.Tominosuke Ozamoto and many volunteers, the lot was leveled and cleared. A modern three-room building which could also be used as an assembly hall was built. In November 1936 the dedication celebration for the new building was held.

Envisioning a central place where Japanese in the community could gather, the Hollywood Buddhist Church and Hollywood Judo Dojo purchased the lots adjacent to the school. However, before any further plans could develop, the school was closed due to World War II. There were many problems during the post war period, but the school building was finally returned to the Japanese in the community.

In 1947, the school assets that the Issei pioneers had established were transferred to the Niseis and the Hollywood Japanese Community Center was formed.