Corliss Lee, NAASCon Logistics and Public Relations chair


Los Angeles, CA, October 20, 2004 - Asian Pacific American students from across the
country will convene for the first-ever National Asian American Student Conference
(NAASCon) on November 5-7, 2004, at the University of Southern California in downtown
Los Angeles.

This highly anticipated event is the first-step in the creation of a nationwide Asian Pacific
American student network that can be mobilized to effect positive change at the local,
state, regional, and national levels and within all of our diverse communities.

Building upon the theme: "The Past, Present, and Future of the Asian Pacific American
Community," students will learn the historical roots of Asian Pacific American student
activism, educate one another on current issues and campaigns and gain valuable practical
skills to advance a progressive movement on their campuses and nationwide.

Asian Pacific American students will address timely and relevant issues including
community empowerment, public policy, expanding educational opportunities, leading
campaigns on and off-campus, coalition building, ethnic barriers and racism in the media,
and new strategies for activism. Seminal Asian Pacific American activists including civil
rights lawyer Angela E. Oh, Asian American Studies professor Glenn Omatsu, South Asian
American Voting Youth founder Taz Ahmed, and education activist Warren Furutani will
also share their experiences with the Asian Pacific American student community over the
three-day session. The conference will also provide an opportunity for students to learn
from each other's efforts leading up to the presidential election.

Endorsed by U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka, California's State Board of Equalization Member
John Chiang, California State Legislature Assemblywoman Carol Liu, and California State
Legislature Assemblywoman Judy Chu, NAASCon provides Asian Pacific American students
nationwide with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to serve the community
as a whole.

"NAASCon strongly believes that social change comes from students working both on their
campuses and within the broader community," said NAASCon co-founder Bethany Li. "We
hope the skills students take away from the conference will translate into activism once
they return to their schools."

"The conference is content-rich and has been meticulously-planned," said NAASCon co-
chair Clarence Tong. "We are extremely excited about the strong support and positive
feedback we have received since the earliest development stages of our conference."
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NAASCon is a non-profit student-run organization created in 2001 as a forum for Asian
Pacific American students, organizations and regional networks to initiate and implement
campaigns on Asian Pacific American community issues.