From Kurosawa's Masterpiece to Modern Animation Films
The New 2nd Annual Chanoma Film Festival 2004 Presents Nine Japanese Heart-warming Films

Los Angeles, CA - September through December - For the 2nd Annual Chanoma Film Festival 2004 we are expanding and debuting a new film in this year's Festival. This year we will present nine distinctive heart warming Japanese films varying from Kurosawa's masterpiece to modern animation. In addition this year's festival will be held at Laemmle's Fairfax Cinema in West Hollywood, Laemmle's One Colorado Cinema in Pasadena, and Laguna Hills Mall Cinemas in Orange County. The films featured in the festival are presented from the Japanese family's viewpoint and gives the audience a chance to re-consider what a family is to us. Audiences can enjoy the films regardless of their age. Our goal is to present films that further cultural exchange and mutual understanding of the Japanese culture to the American and Japanese people living in Los Angeles.

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Chanoma Film Festival Committee - Representative: Kotaro Mori


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The lineup of programs begins with classic movies such as Akira Kurosawa's masterpieces, Ikiru which is going to be remade in America, and Akira Kurosawa's Red Beard. This year's festival will also feature the US debut of Junichi Suzuki's Go Rascals! a film recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science. In addition, Chanoma 2004 will feature popular anime films Junkers Come Here, The Day the Earth Moved and Catnapped!

We provide special discounts for senior citizens, students, and group discounts for fieldtrip curriculums. A part of the box office will be donated to Japanese American community activities. Chanoma Film Festival 2004 strongly hopes to foster greater cultural awareness and provide quality entertainment to our society. Please support us in making this a truly significant film festival.

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Los Angeles / Laemmle's Fairfax Cinemas ?second week of month from September through December
7907 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048
September 10 - September 16: Delightful and Touching Movies
Go Rascals! 13:00 / 17:25 / 21:50 and Junkers Come Here 15:10 / 19:35
October 8 - October 14: Classics by Director Akira Kurosawa
Ikiru13:00 / 19:30 and Red Beard15:55
November 12 - November 18: Revival of Chanoma Film Festival 2003
Remembering the Cosmos Flower 13:00 / 19:35,
Sand Castle - Model Home Family - 15:15 / 21:50 and Sukiyaki?17:30
December 10 - December 16: Japanese Animations
Catnapped 13:00 / 16:30 / 20:00 and The Day the Earth Moved 14:45 / 18:15 / 21:45

Pasadena / Laemmle's One Colorado Cinemas
42 Miller Alley, Pasadena, CA 91103
October 22 - October 28: Junichi Suzuki Films
Go Rascals! 13:00 / 21:45, Sukiyaki 15:10, Sand Castle - Model Home Family - 17:25 and Remembering the Cosmos Flower 19:40

Orange County / Laguna Hills Mall Cinemas
24115 Laguna Hills Mall, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
October 1 - October 7: Junichi Suzuki Films
Go Rascals! 12:30 / 21:15, Sukiyaki 14:40, Sand Castle - Model Home Family - 16:55 and Remembering the Cosmos Flower 19:10

Advance Ticket: $20 (includes a special program guide)
This ticket allows four admissions for any films at any theater. Also the ticket could be shared with your family and friends. The special program guide will be given at the theater.
Day Ticket: Adult - $9, Student - $7, Senior (over 62) and Children (under 12) - $6, Matinee - $6
Field Trip Ticket: for students and seniors with attendant (more than 8 people) - $3 each