(From press release issued by Ms. Iku Kiriyama)

Are you at risk for a stroke? What are risk factors for Japanese Americans for heart disease? What risk factors can you treat and control? Are warning signs different for males and females? Will a chocolate bar a day keep heart attacks away?

In the Los Angeles Times Parade magazine of February 5, 2006, Dr. Robert Eckel, president of the American Heart Association is quoted: “It’s never too late to take care of your cardiovascular health. It’s an age-indiscriminate issue. The key to good health is prevention. First, you need to be informed.”

George’s Forums are dedicated to the memory of George Kiriyama who passed away August 16, 2005 of advanced liver cancer three months after it was discovered. His death prompted the series to inform participants on preventive measures and current practices for various health issues. The series also focus on health issues from the Asian American / Japanese American perspective since most research studies and publications seldom report on Japanese Americans except as they fall under the umbrella of the Asian American Pacific Islander.

The forums are open to the public and a small donation is requested to cover handout materials.

Forum #3 on September 10 will cover Diabetes and Prescription Therapy Management. Dr. Takahiro Otsuka, endocrinologist, and pharmacists, Dr. Carole Fujita and Dr. Sheila Takayesu, will split the 2 hours with their respective fields of expertise.

Forum #4 on November 5 will cover male and female issues.

Forum #5 has been added for February 2007 to address Nutrition, Natural Foods and Alternative Health measures.

For further information, please call Iku Kiriyama at (310) 326-0608.